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First Year - Asteroid Prototype

Vectorship is a simple prototype where the aim is to clear the map of asteroids. The player controls a ship which allows them to weave through the asteroids while destroying them with the ship's gun.

Vectorship is a First Year project in which we focused on understanding the Unity engine and it's basics. Following is a link to the design document.

Vectorship: Projects


The player ship is simple, with only a thruster to move forward wherever the ship is aiming and a shooting mechanic. This keeps the gameplay easy to understand so the player can jump in and play without much difficulty.


Occasionally, power ups will appear at random around the map. These can be shot to cycle through the different types of power ups. Allowing the player to grab what they need while putting the more impactful upgrades further down the cycle to let the players get better rewards at a higher risk.

If the player decides to grab the upgrade, they will get a bullet upgrade changing their offensive. The next option is a defensive upgrade, giving player shields by shooting the power up one time. Last, the player can get an extra life if the player shoots the power up twice. After this, the cycle loops around if the player changes their decision.


The art is kept simple and clean to allow the assets to be read easily, this is important in this game as there are multiple moving pieces that could end the player's run in a hit.

Vectorship: Features
Vectorship: Portfolio
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