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Ghost: Video


Collaborative Games Development

Ghost is a puzzle platformer in which you control a main character as well as a companion which you can use to solve puzzles around the map. The companion can carry you over gaps, stop traps and activate levers. You must collect all three keys to unlock the main door.  

Ghost is a game I created with my peers, in which I was the only scripter involved so I took the role of Lead Tech in the game as well as helping in the design department and being actively involved in the production of the game. It was an experimental idea which I pitched to my team and because of this I was actively involved in what my team worked while keeping my own work up to date.

Ghost: Projects


I want to highlight this, as it is a decision that made us work with a different approach that what we usually would. We had to take in consideration not only how to make it easy to understand how to control the second character, but also how it would be used in our favour to elevate the gameplay from being a simple platformer and make it stand out.

Ghost: Features
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