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Final Year Project - Design and Programming


Alpha is a metroidvania game, focused on exploration and adventure while still having RPG and Collect-a-thon elements. To traverse the map, you will need to eliminate enemies, get the cards they drop and equip them to get bonuses. Collect all the cards!

Alpha is my final year project in which I focused in the design of the idea and execution of it through visual scripting in UE4.

Alpha: Projects


The card system is a buff system that I implemented in the game to give an incentive to the player to collect and eliminate the enemies while getting rewarded in a way that lets the player be able to choose a playstyle.


I created the game with the idea in mind that it needed to be a base that could be expanded upon. I believe I achieved this by creating the enemies AI and behaviours as well as the card system in a way that more can be added to it without taking away from the previously created assets.


The UI that I worked with I wanted to make simplistic, quite flat shading and as monochromatic as possible to keep in tune with the Main Menu's BIOS aesthetic I decided to go for and I believe I made this work with the limitations and constraints I gave myself. The 2D art that went into the UI  went through multiple iterations until I created one that I was satisfied with, this process was also useful as I used the feedback I received.

Alpha: Features
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